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Proclear Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses from Proclear specially for sensitive eyes

Do you suffer from over-sensitive eyes and so you could never go without your glasses for your astigmatism? Then toric lenses from Proclear are just right for you!

Proclear Toric monthly lenses are very easy to tolerate and ideal for dry, sensitive eyes. On the one hand this is due to the bio-compatible material used, which is very similar to the natural material of the eye. This means the eye does not take any defensive action as the lens is not recognised as a foreign body, which enhance the high tolerability level. Another property of the material is that it is non-ionic. This helps avoid deposits of lipids or proteins on the surface of the lens for example, which keeps them clean and hygienic, and prevents irritations.

One other frequent cause of irritation is also eliminated: The shape of the lens is aligned to the eye, and so does not present a problem. The lid can glide easily over it when blinking or closing, and so the comfort level is maintained all day.

Perfect moisture provision thanks to PC technology in Proclear toric contact lenses

Using “PC Technology”, these toric contact lenses from Proclear store moisture for longer than other lenses, and so considerably improve how they feel during use. This is achieved using phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules in the lens material, which binds the water molecules in tear fluid to the lens. These water molecules create a moisture film around the lens, which sits in the eye, moist and fresh at all times. Because of these natural properties and the outstanding comfort level, they can be worn for up to 14 hours per day.

Important information about handling Proclear Toric Lenses

When handling Proclear toric lenses, please note the following two points: One: the non-ionic material means they are so hygienic and prevent deposits so well that they do not require additional cleaning. In addition, before removal, you should wet them with a saline solution or special re-wetting drops in order to maintain their properties.