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Extreme Toric Lenses

Toric contact lenses from Extreme - the popular Extreme H2o now as a toric lens!

The monthly lenses in the Extreme H2o range are among the most popular lenses on the market They are available in a number of designs, but one has been missing - until now! With the Extreme H2o 54% Toric, people with astigmatism can now enjoy the benefits of Extreme lenses too. Discover toric contact lenses from Extreme at special offer prices at discountlens!

Highest possible level of comfort and vision despite astigmatism

Extreme H2o 54% Toric are toric lenses which are specially designed to correct astigmatism. They correct the corneal curvature and focus the incoming light in the eye onto a single point, facilitating pin-sharp vision.

With a water content of 54%, hioxifilcon D is tolerated very well in the eye. It binds the moisture perfectly on and in the lens, so that it does not dry out and the water content level is maintained. Therefore toric contact lenses from Extreme are still very suitable for easily irritated and dry eyes. As the material is non-ionic, there is no build-up of electrostatic charges, which can cause deposits on the surface of the lens. So the lens not only stays clean, creating clear vision, it is automatically kept hygienic, preventing the risk of irritation and infection in the case of sensitive eyes or with allergy sufferers. A prism ballast in the lens means it doesn’t slip, and remains stable in the eye even when blinking. This means the Extreme H2o 54% Toric guarantees flawless comfort. all day long.

You’ll find two versions of toric contact lenses from Extreme. They are practically identical, the single difference lies in the adaptation to your eye. The LC (Low Cylinder) version is for astigmatism patients with 0.50D to 1.00D, while the MC (Mid Cylinder) lenses are suitable for 1.00D to 1.50D.