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Clariti Toric Lenses

Clariti Toric contact lenses - the perfect balance between comfort and good eye health in cases of astigmatism

Toric contact lenses in the Clariti toric range do not only correct your astigmatism. With innovative technology and manufacturing processes, they guarantee the benefits and special features of conventional Clariti lenses and give you perfect vision - despite your astigmatism.

As silicone hydrogel lenses, Clariti toric contact lenses come with the very latest, most popular materials in the contact lens market. It is biocompatible, which means it is so similar to the eye’s own material that the eye itself does not recognise it as a foreign body. So this lens is compatible for occasional use even with sensitive eyes. This means it is really easy to tolerate and is also suitable for allergy-sufferers.

Silicone hydrogel is also particularly popular, as it is an oxygen-permeable material. Not only does this promote a natural feeling when used, it also keeps the eye white and healthy, as it can “breathe” and so allows extraordinarily long periods of wear.

Toric lenses from Clariti - the best technology from CooperVision

As a major producer of contact lenses active on the international market, CooperVision are experts in contact lens design, and they have equipped their Clariti contact lenses with the very latest technology.

On the one hand, their “AquaGen Technology” ensures constant wetting of the contact lens. In addition, the high water content stops the lens from drying out. WetLoc Technology draws water molecules in and binds them to the surface of the contact lens. Together, all these features guarantee a perfect level of comfort, by keeping the lens in your eye fresh, moist and comfortable. The design also combines the best of the best. The aspherical shape minimises sight issues due to spherical aberration, and the edge is also designed in such a way that the eyelid can glide over it easily and there is no rotation of the lens. Last but not least, toric contact lenses from Clariti come with UVA and UVB protection, which protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays in sunlight. But please remember, you should always back up this protection with sunglasses.