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Clear vision despite astigmatism with toric contact lenses from Biomedics

In cases of corneal curvature, also known as astigmatism, the incoming light cannot focus on a single point on the retina due to an irregularity in the shape of the cornea. Toric contact lenses help to correct this curvature, and so restore clear vision.

The Biomedics Toric range has been designed specifically for this. All toric contact lenses from Biomedics in this range also feature a UV filter, which protects from ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and so keeps the eyes healthy. They are also slightly blue in colour, which is good for contact lens beginners, as the lens is easier to find in the case. You can also see immediately if the lens has been put in wrongly, which facilitates simple, convenient handling.

discountlens - our range of toric contact lenses from Biomedics

The standard model of toric contact lenses from Biomedics is the Biomedics Toric.

The lens is designed to be replaced every month and so is also particularly soft. The material ocufilcon D with 55 percent water content keeps the eye moist and fresh and guarantees long-lasting comfort. As the monthly lens has also been designed to be extremely smooth, as well as thin and regular, it lies perfectly in the eye and does not rotate when blinking. This means they don’t irritate the eyelid, as you can barely feel the flattened edge of the lens. if you are looking for these properties in a toric contact lens, but you feel particularly strongly about hygiene, we have the 1-Day Extra Toric for you.

These are toric daily lenses, which are thrown away after use, and a new one can be used the next day. They have the benefits of monthly lenses and as they are replaced every day, they are even more suitable for allergy-sufferers, people with sensitive eyes and beginners.

On the other hand, if you have a particularly severe astigmatism, we recommend Toric XR. Another monthly lens with 55 percent water content, although with the material methafilcon A, this delivers an extraordinarily precise, flexible alignment with your eye, even for powerful strengths and high axis values.

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