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Keep your perspective with sunglasses from Hugo Boss

Precisely manufactured sunglasses from Hugo Boss create an accent and optimise your look. The timeless frames and the modern design are perfect for work or leisure. As a stylish companion, Hugo Boss sunglasses belong to every perfect summer outfit.

Sunglasses underline your personality and create that perfect accent. Thanks to their design, sunglasses can turn heads in their own right and attract attention. What’s more, in summer your sunglasses offer reliable protection from harmful UV radiation and protect your eyes against potential damage. However, thanks to their UV filter, enough light gets through to the retina to allow you to see clearly.

The right Boss sunglasses for the shape of your face

Every face features its own individual shape, and so requires a corresponding model. People with oval faces can wear any shape of glasses. Round glasses are suitable for a more square face. People with heart shaped faces should go for sporty styles or cat eye design sunglasses. Square designs or retro-style sunglasses go really well with round faces.

The stylish boss sunglasses in the Hugo Boss fashion line are renowned for their lightness and they match your individuality thanks to their modern style. The models are highly regarded by both men and women, particularly in a business environment. The discountlens virtual mirror can transfer all the different versions onto your face. This means you can try on your favourite sunglasses from the comfort of your own home.