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Go back into the history of sports glasses with Carrera sunglasses

The history of the carrera brand in the world of sports glasses goes back to 1956. Since then, Carrera sports glasses have always been ahead of their time. They stand for adventure, innovation and passion. The products have been developed along with athletes and guarantee optimal protection in any kind of sport. Particularly when hiking or cycling in the mountains, sunglasses are just as important for the eyes as suncream is for the skin.

Carrera sunglasses offer effective protection against harmful UV radiation, yet ensure adequate incoming light. The sunglasses are available in five different filter categories. These range from very low to very strong sunlight.

Be ahead of the game with your new sunglasses from Carrera

Carrera sunglasses can do much more than offer reliable protection for your eyes. As an accessory, sunglasses create that perfect accent and give you an expressive touch. They can hide where you’re looking in a secretive way, add character and provide the perfect complement to your look. Pilot glasses in an aviator design give you a certain star feeling, while oversized sunglasses guarantee that glamorous appearance.

Dazzle all around with Carrera sunglasses. The different versions are available for women, men and children. The shape and fit of the glasses are critical for effective protection. Thanks to the virtual mirror, you can test the fit of the model you select, easy and conveniently at home. discountlens will be delighted to help you chose the right sunglasses for summer.