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What are sports glasses anyway?

As the name suggests, sports glasses are designed specially to help you see when you are doing any of a really wide range of sports. They are known for their high level of comfort, which also ensures they stay on firmly even during fast, or extreme, movement during sport. The comfort level is mainly due to the light material used for the glasses, and its elasticity. Sports glasses are generally fitted with plastic lenses, while the frame itself can be made from plastic, rubber or a rubberised material, which also makes them robust yet extremely flexible. They also protect against a really wide range of external influences such as the challenge of eyes drying out due to the wind, by also protecting the eyes from the side. So compared to normal glasses, they also have a particularly wide range of vision, even when you’re wearing a helmet.

Optimal protection of the eyes with sports glasses

Sports glasses can take on a range of different functions to suit the kind of sport you want to use them for.

Sports glasses can take on a range of different functions to suit the kind of sport you want to use them for. Most of them can also be used as sunglasses, where integrated UV protection can protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. In winter sports, snow and water reflect the sunlight and create glare during your activity. But even on roads, for example during cycling, the sun can create dangerous conditions - particularly in the wet. Sports glasses with polarised glasses filter out surface reflection, so this no longer bothers you and so does not pose a risk. Even rapidly changing vision conditions can lead to difficulties, as the contours of the ground are no longer clearly identifiable. There are also glasses to help correct this.

In general, you can differentiate between sports glasses based on the colour of the lenses. Rule of thumb: the brighter the sun, the darker the glasses and vice versa. So grey and brown-shaded lenses deliver the highest level of UV protection and the strongest filter for different kinds of glare, while shades such as red, orange and yellow are best for guaranteeing clear sight in poor, or changeable, weather conditions.