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ReNu Advanced 3x360ml




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ReNu® Advanced 

ReNu® Advanced from the manufacturer Bausch + Lomb is an innovative contact lens care that provides the best possible disinfection and comfortable wear throughout the day. ReNu® Advanced combines cleaning, disinfection, storage and long-term moisturisation in just one product and is suitable for all soft contact lenses. 
The unique triple disinfection system of ReNu® Advanced kills 99.9% of existing bacteria within 4 hours with the active ingredient combination of alexidine, polyquaternium and polyaminopropylbiguanide. The concentration of the disinfectant liquid is pleasantly low and particularly gentle on the eyes. This keeps comfort very high, even for sensitive eyes. With daily use of ReNu® Advanced, the innovative cleaning system consisting of two different surfactants effectively removes tear film residues, dust and dirt particles and dissolves protein deposits. At the same time, new deposits that can lead to irritation of the eyes are prevented. This keeps monthly and weekly lenses comfortable and clean for a long time.
The special ingredients of ReNu® Advanced provide the contact lenses with moisture and care for up to 20 hours during wearing. This ensures a fresh feeling and optimal wearing comfort from early in the morning until late in the evening - even when working at the computer for longer periods of time.


ReNu Advanced 3x360ml
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