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PuraSept lenscase




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Use the PuraSept lens container exclusively with PuraSept peroxide systems. 

Fill the container with the catalytic disc with PuraSept solution up to the mark. Do not overfill the container, but do not fill too little solution either! Place the lens compartment in the container. Close the container vertically. Leave the contact lenses in the solution for at least 6 hours or overnight to complete the neutralization process. If your contact lenses remain in solution for more than 24 hours, the cleaning process must be repeated before wearing. The cleaned and disinfected lenses can now be inserted. For sensitive eyes it is recommended to rinse the lenses with PuraSaline before inserting them. Pour away the used solution. All lens containers must be replaced for hygienic reasons at least every 2 months for hygienic reasons.



PuraSept lenscase
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