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Oxysept peroxide systems - extremely gentle cleaning for sensitive eyes

Oxysept Comfort peroxides systems are particularly popular with contact lens users with an allergy, or sensitive, easily irritated eyes. Above all, this is due to the fact that the manufacturer Abbott has completely avoided preservatives in their Comfort range. This means you can avoid many kinds of irritation from the outset.

Adding natural Vitamin B12, which is also used to heal the cornea, also leads to a pink colour, indicating the safe completion of the cleaning process. This supports good eye health and along with the gentle wetting of the lens by the neutralisation tablets, promotes a healthy, comfortable feel after cleaning.

The Oxysept Comfort peroxide system is intended for use as a cleaner for soft and silicone hydrogel contact lenses. It is a one-step system.

This means when the lenses are placed in the solution of three percent hydrogen peroxide, you also have to add a neutralising catalyst in the form of a tablet at the same time - this is not a separate, second step. The catalyst splits the solution into oxygen and water, which means it cannot harm the eyes. It can take a little time, and when the process has completed properly, the solution turns pink and you can take the lenses out, or leave them there until you want to put the lenses in.

Note on Oxysept peroxide systems

Please note that the peroxide solution must never get in the eyes. It is designed to be a disinfectant and can damage the cornea and conjunctiva. Even after neutralisation using the catalyst, before putting the lenses in, we recommend you rinse them with saline- or all-in-one solution.

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