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Novoxy Peroxide systems

Novoxy peroxide systems - fast disinfection or easy handling?

With regard to contact lens cleaning using peroxide, we basically differentiate between two kinds of system - one-step and two-step systems. The Novoxy peroxide systems from the manufacturer Avizor come in two different systems, both of which naturally remove deposits and dirt from your lenses. When choosing one of the systems, you should consider what is more important for you: Should the disinfection process be completed quickly, or would you prefer it to be easy?

Novoxy peroxide system one step bio or Novoxy 1 und 2

As the product name suggests, the Novoxy peroxide system “one step bio” is a one-step system. Here, the lenses are cleaned in the same hydrogen peroxide system solution in which it is briefly stored after neutralisation. This neutralisation process is carried out using a tablet which is added to the solution after cleaning. It splits the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen and thus neutralises the solution, so the lenses do not damage the eyes when putting them in or taking them out.

In the two-step method from Novoxy peroxide systems, you need two solutions - Novoxy 1 and Novoxy 2 First, you put the lenses into the Novoxy 1 solution. This consists of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and disinfects the lenses, removes a range of residues and stops new deposits building up. This process is complete after only 20 minutes, and is then followed by the second step.

You take out the lenses, and put them in the Novoxy 2 solution. This neutralises the remaining hydrogen peroxide on the lenses. The neutralisation process takes another 15 minutes, so in a total of around 35 minutes, your lenses are clean and ready to put back in. You can reorder the Novoxy solutions 1 and 2 separately at discountlens, or buy them together in a practical multipack.

Note on peroxide systems

Please note that Novoxy peroxide solutions must never get in the eyes. They are designed to be a disinfectant and can damage the cornea and conjunctiva. Even after neutralisation using the catalyst, before putting the lenses in, we recommend you rinse them with saline- or all-in-one solution.