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EasySept Peroxide systems

EasySept peroxide systems - gentle cleaning for soft contact lenses

EasySept peroxide systems from Bausch & Lomb are designed to disinfect and store soft contact lenses. They are classed as a one-step peroxide system and so are particularly easy to handle. You put your contact lenses into the basket on the case and spray with the EasySept solution. Then you fill the case with the peroxide solution and wait for 6 hours. Over that time, a ring-shaped platinum catalyst neutralises the solution once the lenses have been disinfected with three-percent hydrogen peroxide.

EasySept peroxide system solutions do not contain any preservatives, which means they are particularly mild and are also suitable for allergy sufferers and sensitive eyes. These users will also benefit from the fact that the lenses are cleaned even more efficiently with an integrated protein remover.

At discountlens, you’ll find EasySept in a single 360ml pack, as well as a twin pack and triple pack. If you are already a loyal customer for these peroxide systems, it is worth buying a multipack to save some money. In addition, we can also recommend the Bausch & Lomb all-in-one solutions Biotrue and ReNu. Order them at discountlens, and make sure you get the best offers!

Note on EasySept peroxide systems

Please note - as with all peroxide solutions - EasySept peroxide systems should never get into the eyes. They are intended for use as a disinfectant, and can damage the cornea and conjunctiva. Even after neutralisation using the catalyst, before putting the lenses in, we recommend you rinse them with saline- or all-in-one solution.