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AOSEPT Peroxide systems

Easy deep cleaning with AOSEPT peroxide systems

AOSEPT peroxide systems are one-step solutions. This means the peroxide solution is neutralised by the platinum catalyst supplied and not by a separate solution. It is mainly used with soft contact lenses, but is also really suitable for hard lenses and also for modern materials such as silicone hydrogel The pH value is in the physiological range which means the solutions are particularly gentle.

In addition, they are preservative-free and this also makes them very suitable for sensitive eyes and allergy sufferers. This is important as peroxide solutions are often needed as a deep cleaner for lenses.

What’s special about AOSEPT PLUS with HydraGlyde is the Moisture Matrix technology. It forms a cushion of moisture with water molecules around the lens surface and binds it to it. This keeps the lens pleasantly moist and flexible in the eye, protecting it from drying out.

Both AOSEPT peroxide systems are also known for particularly high temperature stability. This means they are very insensitive to heat and you can take them with you on your summer holidays without any problem. For this, we recommend the travel size of 90ml which is available for both systems.

The standard size is 360ml, so it is four times bigger. Are you already convinced about AOSEPT peroxide systems, and would you like to take advantage of the best offers for your next order? Order a twin-pack or four-pack at discountlens and take advantage of our special prices!

Even more HydraGlyde with the right monthly lenses from Air Optix!

As well as AOSEPT PLUS with HydraGlyde, the Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde Air Optix Plus HydraGlyde are also equipped with the unique HydraGlyde Moisture Technology. It works in the same way in both, and they also complement each other perfectly: Even more moisture is bonded to the lens and kept there for 16 hours. This means you experience a long-lasting comfortable, healthy feel with the maximum HydraGlyde effect!

Note on AOSEPT peroxide systems

Please note that AOSEPT peroxide solution should never get into your eyes. Like all peroxide solutions, it is intended to be used as for disinfection and in extreme cases can damage your conjunctiva and cornea. Even after neutralisation using the catalyst, before putting your lenses in, we also recommend you rinse them with saline- or all-in-one solution