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MONTANA EYEWEAR, alongside I NEED YOU, is our glasses brand with the widest range. Aside from sports glasses and sunglasses, we stock, above all, their reading glasses. The latter are renowned for their wide range of shapes, which make them stand out from the classic, uniform designs from the competition.

At discountlens you’ll naturally find classic models too, although particularly striking ones, for example with a leopard print design, or even folding glasses. The main reason for the popularity of glasses from the brand MONTANA EYEWEAR is however their performance versus price. They are strikingly inexpensive for their quality and so they are particularly attractive for anyone looking for appropriate glasses.

Sports glasses from MONTANA EYEWEAR

Depending on the kind of sport you do, there are different kinds of sports glasses with a range of functions. They all have one thing in common - they are made from light, flexible materials. This ensures the glasses are comfortable, and they don’t slip or fall off even during demanding sporting activity.

In addition, sports glasses are generally more curved than normal glasses and so they also protect the eyes at the sides. This combats dirt and wind even better and your vision remains perfect.

If you’ve already had a look at MONTANA EYEWEAR sports glasses, you will have been struck by the many different colours of lenses in the glasses. These depend on the functionality of the glasses. Dark shaded lenses, such as black grey or brown, deliver a particularly high level of UV protection. This makes them ideal for sunny weather conditions and they also combat a second major factor - surface reflections. These occur when rays of sunlight reflect off snow, water or even asphalt and they blind you, which then has a negative effect on your sporting activity. Polarised glasses can help here as they offset the glare effect and stop this disturbing you.

However, a similar problem can arise in changeable weather conditions. If the light keeps changing, or it isn’t particularly good, it can often be harder to spot contours on the ground clearly. Lighter coloured lenses, such as red, orange or yellow, continually adapt your sight to help you see more clearly. No matter which sport you need glasses for, with MONTANA EYEWEAR sports glasses from discountlens, you’ve made a great choice.