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Miru 1Day Menicon Flat Pack - 30

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Miru 1Day daily lenses Menicon Flat Pack

Japanese top lenses for every day: Miru 1 Day Daily Lenses Menicon Flat Pack in the ultra flat packaging. Soft daily lenses are extremely comfortable to wear and the ideal packaging when travelling. Reduced to the minimum.

Ultra-flat contact lens packaging

The 1mm flat pack of the Miru 1day is much more than just super thin. It opens very easily and makes sure that the lens is always facing up with the outside of the lens. So you don't have to touch the lens unnecessarily often. Dirt, skin grease or foreign objects do not get between the lens and the eye as easily.

Miru's unique Centraform edge design minimizes friction between the eyelid and the edge of the lens.

Less raw material consumption and less waste

  • Plastic used for lens packaging has been reduced by about 80%.

  • Approximately 99% of the plastic used in production is recycled.

  • The packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • More than half of the saline solution in the blister is saved.


Miru 1Day Menicon Flat Pack - 30
Contact lenses
30 pcs. daily sferic lenses