dlens All in One - 60ml


***The care product dlens All in One 60ml will be available in a new look from the end of June 2018. We recommend that you use the OptiFree PureMoist Travelpack 90ml for a QUICK DELIVERY. Simply click on the replacement product below ***

Name: dlens All in One - 60ml

Type: Special Offers
Manufacturers: Eye Care AP

This all in one lens care product is suitable for all soft contact lenses.
Both safe and easy to use, the high quality combi solution, which contains an integrated protein remover, it is suitable for cleaning, disinfecting, storing, rinsing and wetting contact lenses.
No contact lens containers are included.

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Our Qualities

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  • Branded lenses obtained directly from the manufacturer
  • Fifty years of experience in the contact lens business
  • Specialist expertise thanks to our optician background

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