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Delta Plus 100ml

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Delta Plus by CooperVision: Storage solution with polyhexanide.

CooperVision produces contact lenses that are among the best. The manufacturer's high-quality Delta Plus contact lens care is precisely tailored to this. It enhances the quality of life of contact lens wearers by significantly increasing the wearing comfort of dimensionally stable contact lenses. Delta Plus is the innovative storage and disinfection solution for hard contact lenses. It is also used to soak and moisten lenses. 

More wearing comfort and reduced allergies 

A special wetting solution makes wearing contact lenses much more comfortable. Instead of the frequently used chlorhexidine, this product uses antibacterial polyhexanide to eliminate germs. The antiseptic is known from trauma surgery and is often used for wound treatment. It is particularly effective and very well tolerated. Thanks to its low viscosity, the Delta Plus solution can be easily rinsed off the lenses. Cleaning residues and lipids can be easily removed. The Delta Plus disinfection solution reduces the disinfection time to only four hours and is ideally combined with the Delta cleaning solution.



Delta Plus 100ml
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100ml solution

Delta Plus is no longer available

Delta Plus is no longer manufactured. As an alternative, we recommend Total Care solution for storing hard contact lenses.

TotalCare Conditioner 120ml

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