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Like all daily lenses, SofLens daily disposables do not have to be cleaned and stored like monthly lenses which makes them particularly hygienic and easy to tolerate. At the same time, this gets round the problem beginners have - incorrect cleaning, which has a very negative effect on how the lenses feel, and the familiarisation process. SofLens daily lenses are made from the non-ionic material hilafilcon B, which reduces protein deposits. Combined with High-Definition-Technology from the manufacturer Bausch + Lomb, this guarantees extraordinarily clear vision under various light conditions without glare and halo effects.

ComfortMoist Technology complements this by offsetting the moisture content in the eye. In addition, SofLens daily lenses come in a polaxin solution which covers the lenses with an extra film of moisture, guaranteeing a high level of comfort and a natural feel, along with the high oxygen permeability level.

The high level of occasional and long-term tolerability makes these daily lenses from SofLens a comfortable choice for any occasion. Even if you have astigmatism, you’ll find the right lens for you in the SofLens range. SofLens Daily Disposables For Astigmatism have been specially designed to correct astigmatism, and offer all the benefits of SofLens daily lenses.

Innovative daily lenses from Bausch + Lomb at discountlens

Do you want to try something new? The successor to SofLens daily lenses, Biotrue daily lenses are modelled on the eye, for an even more natural, comfortable experience. They also feature an additional UV filter, which protects the eyes from harmful UV rays in sunlight thus promoting eye health, but they do not replace sunglasses in any way. As well as daily lenses for astigmatism, there are also varifocal lenses, Biotrue – ONEday for Presbyopia, which can correct a combination of vision issues that often arise in older age. Take advantage of our great offers at discountlens

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