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Do you often have dry, irritated, tired eyes at the end of a long day? Then you’ve probably never tried Proclear daily lenses!

Proclear daily lenses can make a major difference, particularly for allergy-sufferers and people with sensitive or dry eyes. Like all daily lenses, they are extremely hygienic as they are simply thrown away at the end of the day, and a new pair used the next day. And as they don’t have to be cleaned, there is no chance of residual dirt. But what makes them most easy to tolerate is the bio-compatible material phosphorylcholine (PC Technology) they contain.

It is similar to the fluid in the eyes and so it is not recognised as a foreign body. In addition, it does not store the moisture inside, rather it wets the surface of the contact lens with water molecules, which keeps it clean and protects the eyes from drying out. This means Proclear daily lenses deliver a fresh, pleasant natural feel, all day long. Not only does that make them the perfect starter lenses for contact lens newcomers, they’re also perfect for long periods of office work at a screen in a dry, air-conditioned room. Do you need daily lenses to correct a combination of sight problems? Choose Proclear daily lenses including the word Multifocal for varifocal lenses with the benefits of the Proclear range.

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Due an upgrade? Discover the successor to the Proclear range, Clariti 1-Days in our online store. The Myday- daily lenses from the same manufacturer, the CooperVision group of companies, are strongly recommended and feature the very latest innovations.

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