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A new look every day with Freshlook daily lenses

Are you a little bored with the colour of your eyes? Do you just want to try something new, or bring out the colour of your eyes a little? With Freshlook daily lenses you can do just that - really easily, every day new.

Our Freshlook daily lenses are available in Blue, Gray, Green and Pure Hazel and so they cover a wide range of all natural eye colours. Every colour is made up of three tones, which delivers a really natural look and intensive colours. No matter whether you have light or dark eyes, you can wear any colour as the lenses are coloured as far as the iris, which they also cover. But please note, the colour of your eyes have their own effect depending on their actual colour, and may differ from the original colour of the lenses.

Freshlook daily lenses use the same material and have the same properties as Focus Dailies-contact lenses. We strongly recommend daily lenses for coloured lenses, as they are probably only used occasionally, or by contact lens beginners who are not sure how to clean and care for monthly lenses and only want the lenses for their colour effect. One other major advantage is that daily lenses are very hygienic and make getting used to contact lenses much easier. Naturally, coloured lenses also come in different strengths to correct your vision problem and help you look very special. The material used in manufacture, nelficon A, is very oxygen permeable, and moisture distributing. The high water content of 69% considerably enhances comfort and keeps the eyes moist and fresh all day, and you’ll be the centre of attention with your Freshlook daily lenses from discountlens.

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