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Focus Dailies daily lenses - the classic contact lenses

Focus Dailies daily lenses are among the top-selling contact lenses for single-day use. This is mainly due to the fact that they are very handy to manage and very easy to tolerate, yet they are available at a low price, which makes them the best alternative to glasses.

You’re generally in good hands with monthly lenses from Focus Dailies. They are particularly suitable for allergy-sufferers and people with sensitive eyes, as they can be changed every day, and so they are particularly hygienic. As this means they don’t have to be cleaned and stored, they are a very simple solution where the user has problems tolerating contact lens solutions. This is also a major advantage for lens-beginners, as it is easier to get used to wearing lenses when they are fresh every day and there is no risk of incorrect cleaning.

The small diameter of 13.8 mm is less of a strain for the eye at the start, yet the lens delivers perfect sight without any limitations.

A slight blue colouring also makes putting the lenses in and taking them out easier. Focus Dailies daily lenses are made from nelficon A, which is particularly easy to tolerate. This material delivers a high level of oxygen permeability and moisture content of 69%, which ensures excellent comfort and a natural, great feel all day.

Do you need an update? The successor to Focus Dailies daily lenses at discountlens

If you’re only an occasional user of lenses and you make greater demands of your daily lenses, then take a look at the Dailies-range. Dailies AquaComfort Plus, Dailies AquaComfort Plus Toric and Dailies AquaConfort Plus Multifocal are the direct successors to Focus Dailies daily lenses. With the material hydrogel and a three active agent complex, they can offer enhanced moisture regulation and thus a particularly high level of comfort every day.

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