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Ron Hamilton is regarded as the inventor of one-day lenses, and founded Daysoft to devote himself completely to the development and manufacture of this kind of contact lenses. His overriding concern was to contribute to his clients’ eye health with the most hygienic form of contact lens, the daily lens, without a heavy financial burden.

Daily lenses from Daysoft - convincing across the whole range

Daysoft daily lenses are delivered and stored until used in “SILK Solution”. This is a contact lens solution which is enriched with hyaluron, the eye’s moisture material, which promises to keep the eyes fresh and moist all day long. This guarantees a natural feel and enhanced comfort, which is helped by a high level of oxygen permeability unusual for the market, which also keeps the eye healthy.

As well as a UV filter which protects the eyes from ultraviolet rays in sunlight, along with sunglasses, Daysoft daily lenses also feature Soft Edge Design.

This means that the edge of the contact lenses is rounded, so that it allows the eyelid to glide over it when blinking without any issues, and the eye does not identify it as a foreign body. This helps avoid any irritations, which not only make wearing lenses more difficult, but also might damage the eyes. A slight blue colour makes the lenses easier to put in and take out, particularly for beginners, as they are easier to see, and you can quickly spot if they have turned inside-out. Daily lenses from Daysoft are also made in very high dioptres, which allows people with severe sight issues to go without their glasses. The price is also a very special advantage in the market. Unlike many others, Daysoft daily lenses are really inexpensive, which means they are not only affordable for occasional users - a monthly pack contains 32 lenses not the usual 30!

So what are you waiting for? Order Daysoft daily lenses, THE daily lenses, direct from the inventor, at the best prices from discountlens.

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