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Biomedics daily lenses - ideal properties for the optimal daily lenses

When designing their daily lenses, CooperVision thought long and hard about what matters with daily lenses - and perfected precisely these aspects.

To understand that, you should take a quick look at the people for whom daily lenses are particularly suitable. One group is contact lens newcomers. Daily lenses are the best way to get used to using lenses, as they are not used for a longer period, unlike monthly lenses. You can dispose of them without worrying, maybe over the course of a day, or while you’re on the road and you want to switch over to your glasses again. That saves you bringing lens cases or solution with you to use them again the next day, and also the cleaning and storage required every day. Fresh lenses daily also guarantee hygiene as no cleaning is required.

That is particularly important when beginners are getting used to lenses, as well as the second main group of daily lens users - allergy sufferers and people with sensitive eyes. This is where Biomedics comes in. Not only are the daily lenses particularly thin and smooth, they are also made of bio-compatible material, which the eye does not recognise as a foreign body, and also allows enough oxygen to permeate. In addition, a filter protects the eye from UV rays (not a replacement for sunglasses) and a gentle blue tinge makes the lens itself easier to see, which makes putting them in and taking them out easier, above all for beginners. This also helps you spot if they are in wrongly. All of this means Biomedics daily lenses are very easy to tolerate, simple to use contact lenses, as they offer the highest possible level of comfort.

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Are Biomedics daily lenses not quite right for you? WIth all their brands, CooperVision attaches particular importance to the best possible quality and the highest level of comfort. You’ll find daily lenses from Myday, Proclear and Clariti in our online store, at the very best prices.

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