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Cleadew GP 120ml and 30 tablets

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Cleadew GP


Cleadew GP is an all-in-one product for hard contact lenses. It is used for cleaning, rinsing, disinfection, and storage. It also contains enzymes that help remove proteins. Cleadew GP is an extremely powerful cleaner made with povidone iodine for maximum disinfection. As a result, it effectively eliminates even the most stubborn bacteria and leaves contact lenses clean, hygienic, and fresh. Cleadew GP is perfectly suited for people with sensitive eyes and/or allergies. It contains absolutely no added preservatives. Instead, its povidone iodine acts as a natural preservative. The product begins to clean from the moment the tablet comes into contact with the solution. And after just 4 hours, the cleaning is complete. Fats and proteins are effectively removed from the surface of the lenses, providing for long-lasting comfort and clear vision.

Cleadew GP is extremely easy to use: start by putting your contact lenses in the provided case. Next, add the tablet and fill the case with the solution. The liquid will turn orange. After four hours, the liquid will become clear and transparent, which means the cleaning process is finished. Before the lenses can be reused, they must first be rinsed. To do so, empty the liquid from the case, then fill the case with saline solution, close, and shake. Repeat the process to thoroughly rinse the lenses. Finally, open the case and let it dry.


Cleadew GP 120ml and 30 tablets
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120ml, 30 tablets, 1x lens case