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Blink n clean - 15ml

Blink-n-clean is not available for an indefinite period. For moistening the eyes we recommend Blink intensive Tears.
Blink intensive tears - 10ml
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The new Blink and clean cleans soft contact lenses while they are being worn. It removes deposits on lenses and recreates the layer of moisture that coats them. Very fast and easy to apply, the fact that Blink and Clean works while lenses are actually being worn makes it an extremely simple and convenient solution. It cleanses thoroughly, resulting in outstanding comfort and helps to preserve the health of users' eyes. Directions for use: Blink and Clean can be applied very quickly and cleanses gently. It can be used up to four times a day. Tip your head back slightly, look up and gently pull down the lower lid of the eye you're inserting the drops into. Squeeze one or two drops of Blink and Clean inside the lower eyelid from the side and then let go of the eyelid. Finally, blink several times to remove deposits from the contact lens. Blink and Clean is suitable for all soft contact lenses. Benefit from greater comfort created by its gentle cleansing and rewetting while you're actually wearing your lenses. Put the drops in and blink for clear vision and new freshness!


Blink n clean - 15ml
Eye Drops
15ml Bottle

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