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Biomedics Contact lenses

Biomedics contact lenses

Contact lenses from Biomedics are particularly easy to tolerate. Because of the bio-compatible material, the eye does not regard them as a foreign body, and so does not trigger any irritation. The thin lens design with a flattened edge means they sit even better in the eye, and do not rub it. The lenses allow lots of oxygen into the eye which promotes good eye health and ensure the eye stays beautifully white. The small red veins do not become more pronounced due to lack of oxygen.

For optimal comfort, the material hydrogel also delivers additional moisture, so the lenses can be worn comfortably for up to 12 hours. And best of all? Biomedics is the lowest price product range from Cooper Vision. Order at discountlens, and make sure you get the best offers!

Daily or monthly lenses?

Daily lenses are particularly suitable for contact lens beginners and those who only wear lenses occasionally. Allergy sufferers or anyone with particularly sensitive eyes will feel the benefit of the daily freshness and sterility.

You’ll find the following Biomedics daily lenses at discountlens: • Biomedics 1 day extra: Particularly convenient and easy to tolerate • Biomedics 1 day extra toric: Also compensate for astigmatism

Monthly lenses on the other hand, can be used repeatedly over the course of a whole month. This makes them considerably more environmentally friendly than daily lenses, and they are also available at better prices.

You’ll find the following Biomedics monthly lenses at discountlens: • Biomedics 55 Evolution: Particularly convenient and easy to tolerate • Biomedics Toric: Also correct astigmatism • Biomedics Toric XR: Also correct astigmatism and offer extremely high dioptre strengths