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Perfect correction of your presbyopia with multifocal contact lenses from SofLens

Are the letters blurred when you read the paper, or do you automatically hold your mobile further away to make out what’s on the screen? These are the typical characteristics of the age-related sight issue known as presbyopia. This is due to a reduction in elasticity of the eye, which means it can find it difficult to focus on different distances. Multifocal lenses combine strengths adapted to the needs of presbyopia, to restore your perfect vision.

SofLens multifocal lenses adapt perfectly to your sight with two base curves and two additional curves as a close-up addition. In addition, the strengths are spread over the lens, so the close up zone is in the centre and stretches outwards to the long-distance area via mid-distance strengths.

The lens itself is made from polymacon and has a water content of 38%. This is actually relatively low and so keeps the eye evenly moist, as it does not absorb any moisture to maintain its own water content. So the lens stays comfortable in the eye, as well as movable, and so it can be worn for a longer period.

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