Multifocal lenses from PureVision

Multifocal lenses from PureVision for presbyopia

As you age, the flexibility of your eyes decreases, and you find it more difficult to see clearly at different distances. For many people, varifocal glasses are the only solution. But did you know, there are also varifocal contact lenses ? PureVision Multifocal contact lenses combine different strengths, so you can keep your full range of vision without glasses, despite your presbyopia.

Using AerGel technology, they supply the eyes perfectly with oxygen and water. In addition the contact lens surface is extremely smooth and prevents deposits due to Performa surface treatment. This guarantees perfect comfort which means the lenses can be worn for 30 days and nights, without endangering eye health. This gives you a completely new feeling of freedom, with perfect vision and no major effort.

PureVision2 - the new generation of perfect vision with multifocal contact lenses from PureVision

With the new version of multifocal lenses from PureVision the previous version was not made obsolete and withdrawn. On the contrary - it was re-worked and perfected to meet even higher standards. PureVison 2 for Presbyopia was enhanced to include an aspherical HD lens design, which eliminates spherical aberration and reduces glare and halo effects. Contrast and colours can be seen even more clearly, even under difficult conditions such as twilight. PureVision multifocal contact lenses also feature a particularly thin design, while the edge is even flatter, so the lens sits even better in the eye. When you blink, the eyelid can slide over it without disturbing it, which means an irritation can almost never arise. This means non-stop use is even more comfortable. But you must first discuss non-stop use for longer periods with an expert to prevent any personal risks.

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