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ReNu All-in-one solutions

ReNu all-in-one solutions – particularly effective and hygienic

ReNu, from the major contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb is available in two product ranges. The multipurpose solution from ReNu MPS is particularly suitable for sensitive, easily irritated eyes, and also eyes prone to allergies. It has been developed to be particularly effective to prevent any form of irritation, and the silky texture allows the lens to glide smoothly in the eye. Like every all-in-one solution, it can be used to clean, rinse, wet and store lenses. ReNu Multiplus all-in-one solution can do all that too.

It is well-known as the only combi solution which contains the effective agent hydranate. This substance removes protein deposits, which means deep cleaners such as peroxide solutions are no longer needed. If your lenses are hygienically clean, then irritations are prevented automatically and this also helps a long-lasting, good healthy feel.

Correct application of ReNu all-in-one solutions

To keep your contact lenses really clean and hygienically pure, it is imperative you follow the correct process for daily cleaning. Bausch & Lomb describe this as follows: First, apply 3 drops of ReNu all-in-one solution to each side of the contact lens. Then rub each side for 20 seconds to loosen any dirt. After that, rinse the lens with the solution to remove the loosened dirt. Finally, place the lenses in the case filled with the solution.

If you take care to only use fresh fluid directly from the bottle at each stage, and follow the process as described, at the end your contact lenses will be hygienically clean, free from deposits and ready to provide moisture to your eyes once more.