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Biotrue All-in-one solutions

Biotrue all-in-one solutions – as recommended by nature for naturally healthy eyes.

When designing the all-in-one solution Biotrue, the manufacturer Bausch & Lomb took their inspiration from the natural function of the eye. With a pH value of 7.5, the solution is in the same area as natural tears and is particularly gentle.

One special feature is the addition of the wetting agent hyaluronate, which is also found naturally in the eye. It binds water molecules to the lens and releases them little by little. This means the contact lens is continually wettened and surrounded by a kind of moisture film, which protects the eye from drying out, and maintains the pleasing feel during use – for up to 20 hours in fact!

Acuvue 14-day lenses are more environmentally friendly and less expensive than daily lenses, as they can be worn considerably more often. They are thrown away before residue of proteins and lipids can build up, which makes them more hygienic than other contact lenses. Some 14-day lenses, such as the Acuvue Oasys can even be worn overnight. You can leave them in your eyes for seven days and six nights, which means there is no need for disinfecting as with daily lenses, but generally we recommend this anyway. All 14-day lenses from Acuvue are made from particularly oxygen-permeable hydrogel or silicone hydrogel, which keeps the eye healthy and gives a very natural feel. In addition, this material has a high water content, which is supported by innovative technologies such as HYDRACLEAR PLUS. Together, they prevent the eye from becoming dry, protect against irritation and fatigue, and offer fresh-feeling comfort.

Biotrue all-in-one solution – the solution that can do it all

They’re called all-in-one solutions for good reason. They combine the benefits of different contact lens care products such as or saline solutions. They can be used for cleaning, care, disinfecting or storing and are generally not more expensive than one of the specific solutions. Naturally, this makes them particularly popular. Take advantage of the best offers and order your Biotrue all-in-one solution at discountlens!

Even more nature for your eyes

If you love the natural feel of Biotrue all-in-one solutions, you should try the rest of the Biotrue range. The Biotrue ONEday daily lenses feature the same natural properties of the solution actually inside the lens. This combination delivers even more comfort. But also take a look at the other solutions from the manufacturer Bausch & Lomb, such as the all-in-one solutions from ReNu or the peroxide solution EasySept.