Reading Glasses Kuba red

Name: Reading Glasses Kuba red

Type: Glasses
Manufacturers: Bach Optic

Trendy reading glasses with a soft case and resistant spring hinges, to prevent the glasses from deforming. Available in 3 different colours: red, blue and black. Never select glasses which are too strong. You will spoil your eyes unnecessarily!

If you are unable to read the small print in the rental agreement and your arms get longer when scrolling the newspaper, it is time for you to think about reading glasses. You are not alone with this problem, as after a certain age, reading glasses become a daily companion for many people.

The right glasses for everyone

Ophthalmologists and opticians affirm: After the age of 40, reading glasses become a necessity, as the eyesight begins to deteriorate and becomes obvious when reading a book or a newspaper. Frequent burning and reddening of the eyes are signs of over-fatigued and stressed eyes. The arms also become too short.

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